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...fascinating part of the world set in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea... a sea that varies from shades of deep blue to crystal azure that hosts fabulous caverns, grottoes and different kinds of fauna and flora...

...wealthy in historical and architectural remains, findings & buildings to please everybody's and anybody's explorer soul...

...a land that has been historical setting for so many adventures, discoveries and romance ... find their traces in each town's alleyways, piazzas & terraces...

...rich with Traditions and Folklore each town shows it's unique character in typical food & wines...

Southern Italy - APULIA   

Gargano National Park Apulia Regione South Italy

(Picturesque Resort Area)

Castellana Grotttoes Apulia Regione South Italy


Tremiti Islands Apulia Regione South Italy


Alberobello Apulia Regione South Italy


Gallipoli Apulia Regione South Italy


Bari Apulia Regione South Italy


Southern Italy - BASILICATA      

Maratea Basilicata Regione South Italy


Town with very ancient origins overlooking one of the most breathtaking parts of the Gulf of Policastro. Visit the turistic port of Maratea, the S.Biagio Sanctuary, the remains of "Old Maratea" and the Monumental statue of Christ made out of marble, 22 metres tall, second only to the one of Corvocado in Rio de Janeiro.

Look out for the Liqueur Shops you might want to bring an unusual souvenir back home with you, Maratea's local liqueurs.

Viggianello Basilicata Regione South Italy


Rotonda Basilicata Regione South Italy


Southern Italy - CALABRIA      

Southern Italy - Aspromonte National Park - Sunny rivers, water falls, wilderness, deep valleys

(Natural Park)

The Aspromonte is one of Calabria's extreme beauties that can offer a great 360 degrees view of both the seas that surround this region, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. It features a great variety of wilderness, deep valleys, rocky ridges as well as sunny rivers and breathtaking water falls. The very little population has helped to preserve the ecological balance throughout the years, however the mounts of the Aspromonte are very visited and targeted for natural excursions.

Southern Italy - Pollino National Park - wilderness, flora, towns with their very own traditions and costumes

(Natural Park)

The natural park "Parco del Pollino" is featured by a distinguishing variety of natural environment that spans from the Mediterranean bushes to great forests of Oaks and Beeches; here you can find the rare "Loricate Pine", the last of these magnificent twisted and sturdy pines and a great variety of rivers and lakes. 56 are the towns that are part of this natural park and all feature a great amount of traditions and costumes, that can be seen in their everyday life.

Riviera dei Cedri Calabria South Italy


This Riviera is one of the few if not the only place on earth where a rare fruit grows and manages to live, thanks to the particular conditions of it's soil, the "Cedro". The inhabitants of the towns that are part of the "Riviera dei Cedri", are very proud of this fruit and use it in many dishes, nowadays the sweet specialists have made fantastic recipes to make Cedro cakes. The Cedro is also used to make a typical liqueur that takes the same name of the fruit and that is best drunk ice cold.

Praia a Mare Calabria South Italy


The first town you meet on the Calabrian Tyrrhenian Coast coming from North is Praia a Mare. It sits by a long sandy beach and a most beautiful clear blue sea just opposite the "Isle of Dino". This Island is rich with natural caves, each with it's own enchanting characteristic. Praia's Sanctuary hosts remains from the 14th and 17th centuries.

Scalea Calabria South Italy


Scalea is a picturesque, little town which takes its name from its terraced lay-out on the hillside, at the bottom of the Capo Scalea promontory.
With its medieval structures and characteristic houses, almost built one on top of the other, is one of the few resorts on the Calabrian coast to have such a well preserved historical centre with its Byzantine churches, antique castle ruins, medieval buildings, and breathtaking view of the coastline with its long beaches of dark volcanic sand, and steep rocky inlets.

Buonvicino Calabria South Italy


This small town of the north of Calabria lays between the rocks. It is particular in twisted alleyways that intercept each other and hosts the ancient Mother Church. The town's piazza houses a recently built Gazebo where you can admire a breathtaking view of the high green mountains that cross each other creating a natural frame for the Tyrrhenian that can be spotted in the distance.

Cirella in Diamante Calabria South Italy


Located in the North of Calabria between the mountains of the "Parco del Pollino" and the blue Tyrrhenian, Cirella used to be a very small town but is today hamlet of Diamante.
Visit the remains of "Cirella Vecchia", with it's church and castle that still show frescoes of the 15th century and the Mausoleum that is said to date back to the Roman Imperial Period.

Diamante Calabria South Italy


A small town of the Calabrian Coast that hosts an ancient "Mother Church", whose inhabitants built their homes around creating today's Historic Centre.
Visit the over 130 murales painted on the walls of "Old Diamante" from painters coming from all over Europe, the wooden statues of the 18th century and the Mother church.

Grisolia & Maiera Calabria South Italy


Two Medieval boroughs that lie silently on the mountains. Even though at only few hundreds of metres of distance, from each other, they are dramatically separated by a deep ravine where the Valley of the Torrent Vaccuta is situated.
Maierà hosts a feudal manor positioned at the top of the town in mysterious silence and Grisolia the "Madonna delle Grazie" church, where various objects of the 15th and 18th century can be admired.

Verbicaro Calabria South Italy


Lying surrounded by Pine Woods, Oaks and Beeches, Verbicaro is situated in the Calabrian hinterland, among the heights of the natural park " Parco del Pollino". The historical centre still shows shapes and forms of the medieval architecture and the mother church preserves sacred objects and statues of the 17th and 18th century as well as frescoes dating back to the Byzantine era. Verbicaro produces a world wide known D.O.C. Wine that take the same name of the town.

Papasidero Calabria South Italy


Lying in a wild and coarse scenery between the mountains thickly overgrown with woods, this small town of Calabria's hinterland hosts a Monastery built in the rocks and a prehistoric site where animal remains, and crockery and skeletons of Palaeolithic period have been found. This site also hosts the "Grotta del Romito", a grotto whose wall keeps an art engraving of 10 thousand years B.C.: the profile of a bull. This engravement has been defined as "the most majestic and successful achievement of Mediterranean Palaeolithic Realism".

Reggio Calabria Calabria South Italy


Visit Reggio's National Museum that hosts archaeological collections of Basilicata and Calabria, "Apollo's Head" and the Bronzi di Riace, human size statues made out of bronze.

Southern Italy - CAMPANIA      

Amalfi Coast - Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Positano - Set in a most beautiful combination of sea and mountains

(Picturesque Area & Coastline)

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most beautiful areas of southern italy, that features just about everything nature has to offer, with a wonderful stretch of the Mediterranean sea that enjoys the most incredible shades of blue and green, attractive rugged coastline, imposing high mountains with all their wonderful specimens of Mediterranean flora and typical villages just clinging off them, history, art...

This very well known peace of heaven, comprises of various typical towns of the Campanian coast, starting from Amalfi going to the attractive Isle of Capri, the romantic Sorrento, Positano, and many others.

Southern Italy - The Vesuvius - a still active volcano

(Still Active Volcano)

The Vesuvio (Vesuvius), a dominating feature of the Neapolitan landscape, is known throughout the world. It's circumference is about 50 km, and is in fact formed by Two volcanoes.

The top of the volcano enjoys two fantastic views, one is the most breathtaking panorama on the coast and the sea, and the other, a "once in a lifetime" view that can't be missed: its impressive chasm by the falling sides that sink towards the heart of the earth.

Cilento National Park Campania South Italy

(National Park)

Cilento is the treasure chest that holds the ancient heart of Campania, and the atmosphere of a land untouched by time; even today the many little villages, now within easy reach by means of fast trunk roads, still maintain their original charm based on old stone building and unspoilt scenery. It's no coincidence that Cilento possesses historic memories of extraordinary value, such as Paestum, Veli and the "Certosa di Padula" (Charterhouse of Padula), and nature oases such as the national park and the marine park. Its mantle of woodland thins out as it approaches the sea with its sparking colours, with countless villages along its shores. Although the tourist industry has only recently reached The Cilento, it can count on modern facilities and excellent services.

Amalfi Coast - Amalfi, the coast's main town, sea, flors, enchantment, history


Set like an incomparable gem in a precious diadem, Amalfi gently overlooks the sea with its villages scattered along the coast and the typical houses clinging to the rocks bewitching every visitor.

Nowhere do colours shine with such different, clear tones as on the Amalfi Coast, attracting thousands of visitors even of the greatest prestige. Another great characteristic of this town hosts is the traditional art of hospitality and warmth it's people, the "Amalfitans", have with everybody. This quiet and picturesque seaside resort enjoys a temperate climate and some of the oldest hotels in Italy as well as many modern ones.

The art and architectonic value of its monuments, the indescribable beauty of the landscape and the folklore of its traditions made and still make it an incomparable resort.

Amalfi Coast - Sorrento, mediterranean land, sea, caves and hystorical monuments


Mediterranean land that has been depicted, described and immortalised in song by artists, poets and travellers from every period of history. Its rugged coast, with inaccessible cliffs that soar upwards between beautiful beaches, hidden caves, enchanting bays and sheltered coves. Its inland, with the high plains, rolling hills and lofty mountains are seared by deep valleys to create a truly unique landscape. Rich of monuments and natural beauties, do not miss the innumerable archaeology treasure of this town. The mild climate and predominantly fine weather all year round make the "Penisola di Sorrento" an ideal destination in any season. In a well-ordered and secure environment, every tourist can have an ideal holiday and be spoilt for choice with the never ending combinations of countryside and tranquillity, health and culture, sea beauties, spa baths, boat day trip and country walks.

Amalfi Coast - Isle of Capri, Island of Paradise surrounded by the mediterranen blue and rugged terrains


The beautiful Isle of Capri, is located at the mouth of the Gulf of Naples facing the breath of the Tyrrhenian Sea and boasting natural beauties that bewitch any visitor even of the highest prestige. Its innumerable sea caverns, rugged terrain of terraces and precipices, the unspoilt beauty of Monte Solaro, all enhance the enchantment that this Isle has upon everybody who visits it. With its characteristic arcades that merge into a labyrinth of narrow alleys and streets, and the sea that can be heard, seen and even it's perfume is perceptible from every part of this island, Capri works its own special charm on every visitor and allows an unofficial rendezvous for a colourful congregation of guests from all over the world, who can admire the most breathtaking view from its typical "Piazzetta". The world's most famous writers were enchanted by it's charm, favouring it's rediscovery and popularity with international tourism.

Naples Campania South Italy


Amalfi Coast - Positano, old fisherman's village today great touristic attraction set in the heart of the Amalfi Coast and the Mediterranean


The Beauty of this picturesque town set in a splendid panoramic position on the most famous and world known Amalfi Coast, is stunning and fascinates each visitor.
Made up of three outlying wards, its greatest attractions remain the Town and the Sea-suburb. The town features the typical "piazzetta" and cafe ideal for meeting up with friends and family or even just to get to know other people in a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere. Steep steps descend towards the bay in the heart of the Mediterranean. Find great architectural buildings in Positano like the S.Maria Assunta Church with its splendid majolica dome. The town also hosts other works of art from the 16th and 13th century.

Amalfi Coast - Atrani, former fishermans village suspended on the rocks, now splendid attraction


This is one of the most picturesque small towns on the Amalfi Coast and probably the only town of this most beautiful rugged coast that kept in time it's antique character of a small fisherman's village. It features a town square "La Piazzetta", meeting point for it's inhabitants and tourists, isolated from traffic and surrounded by the flowery balconies of the town's old houses that only communicates with the beach and the azure blue sea through a passage originally created to bring the boats back in when the tide was high and stormy.
Atrani hosts hystorical buildings dating back to the tenth, eleventh and thirteenth centuries like the church of "Santa Maria Maddalena", built at the end of the thirteenth century and then reconstructed in baroque style.

Amalfi Coast - Ravello, relaxing panoramas, natural theatre stages, blue mediterranean, rugged coast, music...paradise


Ravello, exceptional theatre stalls in a breathtaking posture for a natural spectacle. Located on a rocky spur astride the Dragon's and Regina's Valleys it offers to all it's visitors the relaxing panoramas from it's natural terraces and gardens. It is situated in a more elevated position than the other pearls of the Amalfi Coast and boasts exceptional landscapes full of green and colourful flowers that embrace one's soul.

This is the location that many famous ones have chosen in past and still in present to visit and stay like painters, musicians, writers who have passed on their vision of this stunning town. Villa Rufolo a natural terrace, surrounded by the colourful shades of the flowers, that overlooks the blue Mediterranean and exhibits such a breathtaking scenery and view, also becomes theatre for artistic performances like the Wagnerian Festival in July.

Southern Italy - Amalfi Coast - Conca Dei Marini, set on the Amalfi Coast just on the Mediterranean


Conca dei Marini, one of the beauties of the Amalfi Coast is set just between Positano and Amalfi, and not far from Sorrento and Capri. With it's small white houses spaced out between the "Fichi d'India" plants and the olive trees it seems to be a place where sea and sky mix their colours becoming a single thing. It has many natural beauties that one should never miss to see at least ones in a lifetime, like the Emerald Sea Grotto and the wonderful panorama from Via Roma. Torre Bianca, rides the promontory (Capo di Conca), jutting into the deep water of an unreal cobalt blue and habitual route for cetaceans like whales. This town also hosts many architectural and hystorical buildings like the Dominican Convent of S.Rosa from the XVIII century and the Cathedral of S.Pancrazio from the 1362.

Amalfi Coast - Praiano, small tranquil village, set on the sea very close to Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi


Praiano is set like a diamond in an enchanting location, once an ancient fishing village, today a prestigious seaside resort, nestled among the beautiful inlets of the breathtaking Amalfi coast. Praiano, known for its fine climate and excellent facilities, presents itself to the sea as a cascade of white houses on a verdant, flowering slope. Today Praiano is a prestigious sunning, swimming and boating destination, offering tourists from all over the world a tranquil location to stay and "start point" for great interesting excursions and visits to sample the joys of the coastline, with convenient proximity to the main resorts like Sorrento, Capri, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello.

Padula Campania South Italy


Paestum Campania South Italy


Southern Italy - Pompeii, a historical town destroyed by lava and rediscovered during pipe works


This hystorical town is made up of 12 hamlets near the foot of Vesuvio Volcano that developed in the 11th century around a small cult building. It was a town made famous in the whole world by a tragic event, attracts thousands of tourists every day, lives great traditions, offers delicious local culinary products and amazing town feasts that begin in March and go right through to December.
This town presents all the characteristics of a modern city that has however lived the mystery of a hidden past that only started to be rediscovered a few hundred years ago. After being buried under the terrifying lava of the Vesuvio in 79 A.D. Pompeii started to arise again in the year 1628 during pipe works. The Pompeii excavations are a whole turistic site to be visited and seen: a whole town that was previously destroyed and then miraculously rediscovered.

Cilento National Park - Marina di Camerota, the pearl of the cilento, sea, history, alleyways

Marina di CAMEROTA

Marina di Camerota, the sea side area of the higher "Camerota town", features so many beautiful and natural characteristics are the grounds on which it is also called the "Pearl of the Cilento".

Camerota and it's Marina, seem to have dived in a world suspended in time, that nature has filled with gifts almost everywhere, the village surrounded by green, the fresh springs that irrigate the valley, the beautiful sea and it's aquatic world also explored by many divers and last but not least, something very natural and spontaneous is the very friendly character of it's people.

Just off to the notorious Amalfi Coast and in the heart of the Cilento National Park, Marina di Camerota lies on an arc shaped part of this beautiful rugged coast.

Southern Italy - SICILY      

Etna Volcano Sicily South Italy


Eolian Islands Sicily South Italy


Agrigento Sicily South Italy


Taormina Sicily South Italy


Lampedusa Sicily South Italy