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Welcome to The South of Italy

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Welcome to Southern Italy!

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Holiday Accommodation in Southern Italy

Use our Southern Italy Web Guide to find Holiday Accommodation in Southern Italy. We have a selected range of Holiday Accommodations that vary from Self Catering Villas and Self Catering Apartments to Hotel Rooms in Board Accommodation.

Each of our Holiday Accommodation in Southern Italy, will have brochure pages describing the services and facilities, area and location. Surf them and check which one meets your requirements or tastes.

Southern Italy is a wonderful land, many areas of which are off the beaten track of European Tourism, and are waiting to be explored, discovered and remembered. Here you will find a combined mixture of art & history. A variety of colours set out as a picture that only Nature's hand could paint, with the red of the earth and the fresh green hill tops, the shiny yellow sun and the limpid blue sky all surrounded by a natural frame in shades of warm blue that is the Mediterranean. All resembling a diamond at night when the stars shine upon it.

So why not consult our Excursions section, with our suggestions of places to visit, panoramas and breathtaking views you can't miss, and areas you may want to discover.

With the southern Italy Web Guide and Holiday Accommodation Brochure you will be able to find, surf and book the accommodation you require in three steps:

  1. Surf and Choose the Accommodation Brochure Pages

  2. Check the availability in periods you specify, instantly online

  3. Book and Confirm Booking, instantly online

Please read our Booking Conditions and General Information before booking any accommodation.

Search Holiday Accommodation:


By Area

  1. Start Consulting our Surf Southern Italy section to find the location you prefer

  2. Select Rural Area for accommodation in that area.

  3. Select Sea Area for accommodation in that area

  4. Choose the accommodation you prefer, either by tastes or requirements or facilities


Both Rural Area and Sea Area indexes will have the same design:

  • Town in that area with link to the Web Guide pages, for descriptions and places to Visit

  • List of Accommodations in that Area, all linked to accommodation brochure pages

  • If there are no accommodations listed in the Town you require you might want to consider accommodation in near by locations.

  • Click on "Destinations Accommodations" to see the areas picture with near by locations

  1. Start from our Booking Section

  2. Click on "Find and Choose a Hotel or Accommodation"

  3. Insert your Preferences, whether you prefer you Holiday accommodation in board facility or in self catering facility

  4. Choose accommodation you prefer


By Special Interest Holiday

  1. Start from our Holiday Index

  2. Click the Special Interest Theme you prefer

  3. Surf the Special Interest Holidays, and check their features and Accommodation suggestions

  4. Email us to book that holiday, in that accommodation