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Welcome to The South of Italy

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Welcome to Southern Italy!

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This section will help you discover southern Italy and the beauties of this area.

Southern Italy is a wonderful land, many areas of which are off the beaten track of European Tourism, and are waiting to be explored, discovered and remembered. Here you will find a combined mixture of art & history. A variety of colours set out as a picture that only Nature's hand could paint, with the red of the earth and the fresh green hill tops, the shiny yellow sun and the limpid blue sky all surrounded by a natural frame in shades of warm blue that is the Mediterranean. All resembling a diamond at night when the stars shine upon it.

You will be able to find descriptions for Special Interest holidays or special interest information like romantic areas such as the Amalfi Coast, historic sites like Pompei, artistic sites like Diamante, areas with great panoramas and views like the Cilento National Park, Pollino National Park or the Aspromonte with fantastic 360 view of the two seas of Calabria or imposing sites like the ones of Vulcano Etna and Vesuvius volcano.

We will introduce you to the friendly and charismatic people of Southern Italy. Why not meet some on your next Southern Italy Holiday, they will be able to drag you away from your everyday worries and gently lay you in their relaxed tranquil world for a game of cards outside the town bar in the town square, or for a taste of their home made wines. Find traditions and folklore of Southern Italy areas, that can be spotted and admired in the everyday life of the southern Italians. You will also find description on food and wine traditions and costumes, the best area dish, either meat or fish, or the fresh fruity liqueurs along with each area wine.

Surfing all this information really is quite simple:

  1. Start from the WELCOME section.

  2. Surf the Southern Italy picture, by clicking on the areas you are interested in and go through the brief description of the region.

  3. Decide on the Region you prefer or is more adequate to your needs and tastes.

  4. From the brief description Click on the Region name to go to it's pages and find more specific descriptions on the area & the climate, as well as Traditions and Folklore, Places to visit, suggested Excursions and other info.
  5. Click on: to sea a larger picture of the Region you have chosen. From here you will be able to see Towns and Areas. Click a Town name or Area name for their specific information.

Now let our Web Guide take you through a Southern Italy Tour !!!

Just sit back and relax and enjoy the wonders of Southern Italy.