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Welcome to The South of Italy

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Welcome to Southern Italy!
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Dear Friends,
Welcome to Southern Italy!
The whole wide world is known to host seven amazing wonders that gaze ones eye...the world wide web wouldn't be enough to list and describe the beauties of Southern Italy, so complete with attractive features that just makes you fall in love with it's strong and relaxing character.

Why Southern Italy...
This is an area so little known to the European tourism yet in a delightful land, wealthy of natural beauties history and architecture, breath taking panoramas, delicious cuisine, and friendly people who willingly like to greet their neighbour and introduce them to their relaxing healthy world. The southern Italians couldn’t be happier if their guest would pop in for a taste of their homemade wine, bread or fresh pasta, or for an entertaining and relaxing game of cards sat at a table under the fresh shade of the olives, watching the world go by.

A land full of traditions and folklore reproduced in the inhabitants' life of everyday...while the days, months, years go by people and ways progress holding on to that genuine Mediterranean character that their ancestors left as a precious treasure to protect throughout time.

This area distinguished by the various shades of the blue Mediterranean, the rugged coastline, the green Mountains, the dramatic cliffs overhanging the secluded bays cannot but offer breathtaking panoramas and views that capture one away from the struggles of everyday, easing their soul, gently laying them in a naturally calm and peaceful environment.
This is the kind of world that southern Italy genuinely offers with such enthusiasm that makes you wonder where had it been till now.

Restaurants, Typical Products…
The area boasts a wide variety of typical products, each old village hanging off the rocky mountains and each more modern town by the sea have their own traditions reproduced in their everyday life as well as in their cuisine and specialities. Here you can find typical product shops offering traditionally produced salamis like the “soppressata” or the chilli “nduja”, “Cedro” a refreshing liqueur that takes the name of the fruit that only grows in Calabria, best served ice cold. Travelling towards the green areas up in the mountains or down by the rivers you can find many restaurants offering exquisite dishes cooked following the teachings of the traditional way of southern Italian cooking. Wines and fashion cannot miss in this land of the D.O.C.s, where you can find the regional DOC wines and superb ateliers of the Italian fashion known world wide.
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